Amnesia Haze Automatic Bulk Seeds

By investing in substantial quantities of  Amnesia Haze Automatic seeds , savvy growers can guarantee ample supplies to fulfill the widespread needs of this inevitable modern boon. The advantages are especially noticeable with rapid auto-flowering power. A bountiful harvest can be expected in just ten weeks!
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The burgeoning acceptance of cannabis on a worldwide scale has suddenly generated an extremely lucrative market with a massive audience. This situation demands huge increases in supply, which means that marijuana growers would be exceptionally wise to purchase their seeds in bulk.

Sativa strains are incredibly popular for their lucid buzz, but they can take a little longer to grow than their indica counterparts. The Amnesia Haze rectifies the delay by providing an exceptionally speedy flowering stage that all botanists will love. This species can bolster any existing stock with amplitudes of sticky delicacies. Each dried plant grants up to 180 grams.

The luscious flowers emit a silvery neon glow that is luminescent, and iridescent blue tendrils twirl endlessly around mountainous accumulations of frosty residue. Pollen sparkles from every angle of the robust specimen. The buds rain powdery kief in crazy abundance. The lengthy plants procure endlessly sprawling tendrils emanating in spirals from the flowers, and the overall height of this breed is decadently impressive.

The densely compacted buds yield an extravagant amount of fluffy residue when processed for smoking. With an enchantingly shimmering shade of translucent baby blue, the flowers looks like electricity, but the tips of the spindly tendrils reach passionately fiery tones of yellow and orange.

This strain itself is pure satisfaction. Amnesia Haze Automatic delivers enlightened joy during every step of the smoke process. Each cerebral cloud carries nuanced bursts of taste bud stimulation. The entire spectrum of cannabis flavor is represented in the spicy musk and tingling sweet after-tones. The cerebral effects settle instantly. Every waft generates a new plateau of buzzing clarity and creative fascination.

Racing productivity coincides with a serene lack of memory, and the blissful intensity is coupled with time coming to a complete halt. By imbibing ample plumes of this delicious companion, multitasking reaches great heights; meanwhile, the minute hand will barely be budging.

Transcendental elucidation makes Amnesia Haze a new sentimental favorite!

  • THC: 17%
  • CBD: Medium
  • Termés beltéren: 350 - 400 gr/m2
  • Termés kültéren: 130 - 180 gr/plant
  • Magasság beltéren: 50 - 100 cm
  • Magasság szabadtéren: 100 - 120 cm
  • Virágzási: 8 - 10 hetek
  • Szüreti hónapja: 10-12 hét a csírázás után
  • Genetikai háttér: Amnesia x Ruderalis
  • Típus: Sativa 50% Indica 20% Ruderalis 30%
  • Hatás: Agyi és felemelő hatás

    By S. V. on 24/Dec/2018 :

    Title : Good
    Comment : Strong and good taste

    By D. K. on 25/Jan/2019 :

    Title : Top!
    Comment : Had er 100 besteld en kreeg er 110Paar geprobeerd en ontspruite allemaal??Mooi verpakt en discreetAl om al Top??

    By N. V. on 20/Jul/2017 :

    Title : Tried this
    Comment : Purchased bulk seeds, to try how it will be. Waiting for germination

    By B. B. on 20/Jul/2017 :

    Title : Bulk seeds
    Comment : Seems to be bether that regular purchases

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All cannabis seeds sold at Royal Queen Seeds are solely for personal use. We do not supply seeds to large scale or commercial growers. We reserve the right to refuse sale if we suspect this term is being breached.



All cannabis seeds sold at Royal Queen Seeds are solely for personal use. We do not supply seeds to large scale or commercial growers. We reserve the right to refuse sale if we suspect this term is being breached.